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This is a page of links relating to NCN or contemporaries doing the same experimental and collage type of work, and artists and venues of interest to users of this site. Some of these links might be dead. You know how it is.

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Negativland / Found Sound Links

There are listings for over 150 Over the Edge episodes on Negativland's website. Don's masters are the actual airchecks of the shows, recorded right from the board as they are broasdcast.

is a cd featuring 29 artists (Including Phineas and Ronald of NCN) and groups all contributing their own found sound pieces.

It's available in some stores, but not for purchase.

What the makers are doing with this 'illegal art' is distributing it by 'droplifting' it into stores.

You may be lucky enough to find one but, if not, go to the link above and you can download the tracks, right off the web, in MP3 form.

SNUGGLES is the official Negativland (and found sound) email mailing list. Discussions range from Negativland and other prominent found sound artists and creating and distributing one's own work.

Other Sources:

Animals Within Animals

Big City Orchestra

The Bran Flakes


Escape Mechanism

The Evolution Control Committee



Illegal Art

People Like Us


Public Works

Press the Button

Quivering Brain (Dr. Philo Drummond)

Steev Hise

Language Removal Services


Subgenius Links

The Subgenius Church (Offers Membership and more for $30, you get eternal salvation or TRIPLE your money back! Catalog available for $1) can be reached also by snail mail at:

The Subgenius Foundation
P.O. Box 181417, Cleveland Hts, OH 44118-1417


Bill T. Miller


Papa Joe Mama

Subgenius Reverend Blog


Radio Stations and Shows

KFJC is a wonderful college station, a lot--like Jello Biafra--have said the best in the country, offering up 24 hours a day, a huge range of eclectic, experimental and underground programming, including found sound goodies, live in studio band appearances and collage shows like Pumpkinhead. Located on the Foothill College Campus in Los Altos Hills, CA, the station has seen the likes of Negativland, Wobbly and Big City Orchestra and Dave Emory's One Step Beyond. You can also hear them over the web through the above link.

KPFA has been home of The Subgenius Show (now The Puzzling Evidence Show) and Over the Edge for 20 years, you can now hear both shows live over the web at their website.  Over the Edge is broadcast every   Thursday night at midnight (except the first Thursday  of the  month) until 3am. If there is a fifth Thursday in the month, then OTE is on from midnight until 5am. All times are PST. The Subgenius Show is on directly after for two hours from 3am-5am Friday morning.

THE HOUR OF SLACK is Rev. Ivan Stang's long, long-running cavalcade of weekly weirdness that makes Dr. Demento's show sound like Casey Kasem's Top 40. Full instructions  on hearing it over the web and listings of past shows are available on the Hour of Slack portion of the Subgenius website.

WFMU is an independent freeform radio station broadcasting at 91.1 MHz FM stereo in the New York City area and is rather the definitive radio station for just this sort of experimental STUFF. but check out their wonderful homepage on the link above, you can hear their broadcast over the net.

Some Assembly Required is a wonderful syndicated radio show by Jon Nelson chronicling and showcasing digital deconstructions, turntablism and tape manipulations on a weekly basis. Available in download form at the SAR sites.

Area 51 Playing NCN and other assorted Subgenius weirdness regularly on WBCQ

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