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NCN - Alone Together
April 21, 2020
Tags: National Cynical Network, coronavirus, quarantine, covid-19

Webcast on April 12th, 2020. In the spirit of universal virtual commiseration, this heartfelt, poignant mix could almost be subtitled 'Songs About Isolation and Loneliness' which we know, deep into the coronavirus quarantine, with no end in sight, many people in our listenership are experiencing. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. That is to say.. a lot of you are... but with this offering, we invite you to be Alone Together with us. There are also some comical bits in here including some more recent DIY covid-19-oriented songs and pieces of note. Featuring work by: Negativland, 'Weird Al', Maestro Ziikos, Plectrum, John Prine (RIP), DJ Lobsterdust, Contemporary Casuals, I Cut People, Ellipse Elkshow, Charles Bukowski, Trent Reznor, Sondra London, Dean Gray, and MANY MORE! - 3 hours.
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