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NCN - Songs From The Quarantine
April 01, 2020
Tags: National Cynical Network, coronavirus, covid-19

Webcast March 29th, 2020, this is our psychedelic comedy collage program about the current Coronavirus crisis. This one comes mainly from The People and includes practical historical, scientific information, useful psychological advice, and many of the DIY artistic and yes even humorous songs, culled from all over the web, that have come out of the current state of affairs since they began. We have pored through them and present the "best" ones as well as a medley or relevant songs from years past. While we don't wish to make light of our current serious worldwide situation, we value keeping a sense of humor during it all, communicating our experience, and keeping things in perspective. We could all do with a good laugh right about now. This week, we attempt to deliver just that in this thoughtful, humorous and timely program: special SubGenius-type programming for The End Times. - 3 hours
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