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NCN - Memories of Nixon 2 (The Impeachment Strikes Back)
February 11, 2020
Tags: National Cynical Network

Webcast on February 9th, 2020: the sequel to our program 'Memories of Nixon' about Donald Trump's impeachment trial. This further developed installment tells the rest of the story (so far) from the other side of the event with an extensive core-sampling of the media fallout, both humorous and serious, the obligatory comparisons to the Nixon impeachment in the early 1970s, relevant ancillary songs and remixed material, as well as many supercut digital de-constructions of Trump's vocal style, speech patterns, and obsessively recurring subject matter, culled from countless public appearances (the result of much painstaking work by VICE News) that we wanted to help spread. This is a psychedelic retrospective through a historical event as we attempt to make some kind of artistic sense out of it. A show for future generations with remixed DIY work from NCN, Bernie Knee, the inimitable and wonderful Randy Rainbow, Swedemason, Vic Berger, George Carlin, Auralnauts, Maestro Ziikos, Escape Mechanism, many others. A new 3-hour Mix.
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