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NCN - The Immigration Show
February 13, 2018
Tags: National Cynical Network, immigration, immigrants, xenophobia, program, radio program

This was originally webcast on February 12th, 2018 and we peaked at around 27 listeners at that time. This is a straight up music and comedy mix all about immigration, immigrants and xenophobia: currently topical and yet universal and timeless subjects. There is some Trump-oriented material, but it's kept to a minimum. It is very U.S.A.-centric in its treatment of the subject matter, for the most part, although other portions of the program are more generalized in scope. It starts out with a collection of folk songs about immigration but starts to really rock around 20 minutes in. Some segments herein might be considered to be 'politically incorrect' or disturbing but are included as representation of some of the voices in this ongoing and important cultural conversation. Listener Discretion - A 3-hour program.
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