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NCN - I Don't Know (2018 Redux)
February 21, 2018
Tags: politics, guns, gun control, school shootings, psychedelia, music, comedy

Webcast February 18, 2018 and revamped from for 2018 but originally conceived as a 2011 Puzzling Evidence Show tribute, this became partly about Unions, including the uprising in Wisconsin regarding union-busting by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and his cohort David Koch (who is impersonated in a crank call to Governor Walker by writer of The Buffalo Beast blog). Other portions are some multi-layered talking by Phineas mixed with music and almost all of the 'old Doktor' SubGenius hierarchy in yak tapes from yesteryear and modern-day news about Middle East uprisings from the NCN album 'Party in My Mind'. The result sounds very Puzzling Evidence type of mix you can zone out on and appreciate as background music or as something to listen to attentively. Also a prank call to Sarah Palin, Al Newport, Randy Rainbow, nerdcore remixes, George Carlin, Bill Hicks, much Doug Stanhope and somewhat irreverent takes on mass-shootings and gun control. Much more. A special 4hr. redux presentation.
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