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This is a listing or index of Humorous pieces that can be found on the NCN site. This is under the 'Words' Section of the site. Some material and language may be NSFW. Reader discretion is advised.

1998: Sludge Report on X-Day (Subgenius)

The Bad Scientist

Bored Dumb

Bush / Saddam: Cheese Shoppe Sketch

Carl Sagan's Butt

Cynical News '02:: Area Man's ADD Made Worse By  Diagnosis

Cynical News '03:: Oz Campage Foiled

Cynical News '03: Saddam/Percy

Cynical News '05: Bilbo Wants to Borrow Ring

Cynical News '05: Cruise Emphasizes: *NOT* GAY

Cynical News '05: Depp / Burton Announce Plans to Wed

Cynical News '05: Easter Bunny Offsets Ravaged Jesus

Cynical News '05: French-Fried Finger Found

Cynical News '05: Gay Men More Fond of Penises

Cynical News '05: Famous 'Gonzo' Journalist Kills Self

Cynical News '05: Mick Jagger Breaks Hip Onstage

Cynical News '06: Jesus Diagnosed with PTSD

Cynical News '05: Lottery Tickets to Pay Off Social Security Debts

 Cynical News '05: Area Man Trapped in Elevator

Cynical News '05: Neighbors Wary of New 'Borg' Walmart

Cynical News '05: North Korea Grows Balls, Dick

Cynical News '05: Manic-Depressive Man  Feeling MUCH Better

Cynical News '05: Missing Iraq Funds Lost in Wallet Somewhere

Cynical News '05: Photos and Captions

Cynical News '05: Shark Attack Reporting on Rise

Cynical News '05: Zombies Kept Out of Farmhouse

Dr. Growthfulness Affirmation by Janor Hypercleats

Guide to Being Depressed and Miserable

The Janor Hypercleats / Phineas Narco Interview

Phineas and Ronald Reunion Show

The Ronald Redball Story

Sid and Sammy Lime at Spago's

Sludge Report: X-Day 1998 Report

Stove-Top Stuffing

Twin Freaks

You Know You're a Found Sound Addict When....

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