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This was written in 2005 I think when Star Trek the Next Generation was still kind of relevant (well, the movies at least weren't that old) and people were wary of any Walmart opening up in their neighborhood. We've kind of accepted them now.

Borg Walmart Cube as Seen from Parking Lot

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Covington, WA -- While employees at the special new "Borg" Wal-Mart store are preparing for an April 26 grand opening and ribbon cutting, the new $19 million center is drawing mixed reviews amongst the local populace. 

 A spokesperson for Wal-mart stated that the new Borg-design, which the Covington store is based on, is an attempt to get away from the traditional 'big white box' design of years past and attain a more '21st Century' design.

The new Borg cube is nearly 134,000 square feet. That's roughly the size of two and a half NFL football fields. It is also chock full of half-human / half-machine employees, connected by some unfathomable technology into a sinister collective whole.

City officials, facing tight budgets in recent years, are anticipating the city's first big-box store will mean about $400,000 annually in new sales tax revenue.

Mike Matthias of Maple Valley, another QFC shopper, grimaced at the mere mention of Wal-Mart.

"They don't treat their people right,'' said Matthias, a member of the plumbers union and a staunch supporter of organized and fully human labor.

Matthias said neither he nor his wife will shop at Wal-Mart because employees are "turned into half-mutated, human robots devoid of any semblance of individual consciousness. They also make it impossible for local mom and pop stores to compete".

In Covington, Wal-Mart has been at the center of wrangling over development issues for more than three years.

Homeowners launched what would turn out to be a losing campaign against Wal-mart after the giant retailer first announced it planned to 'assimilate' a 16-acre site north of the downtown area, on property flanked on three sides by single-family homes.

The chain expects to draw customers into it's evil, all-absorbing mechanized presence from Kent's East Hill, Maple Valley, Black Diamond and other areas.

Some of his neighbors say they'll shop at Wal-Mart and others say they won't.

Jordan and Elizabeth Valcroux said he and his wife probably will shop there.

"I guess progress comes everywhere and Covington seems to be experiencing progress at a rapid pace now,'' said Jacob Valcroux.

"Sure," another neighbor, Don Pritchensen said, "Why not? Sure, I guess ultimately we will be assimilated into an inhuman, mechanical fate-worse-than-death and be forced to bend to the Borg's collective will, but hey, at least I can buy a hair dryer for $9 less than anywhere else!"