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This was a poem Phinny wrote years ago, re-worked a bit after coming back to it, for 2010. Phinny's book of poetry is still available through for those who are interested. This might show up in a piece sometime soon audio-wise.

The Wind

Sleeping on the floor
for the past two weeks,

caffeine burnout

and dark rooms,
and cathode ray tubes make
my eyes tired

and overcast Tuesdays
and faraway horrors
echoing through cold
metal speakers
made in Taiwan

and thoughts of others
getting old
and entropy

friend or foe
friend or foe

and dark
and serious eyes
and frantic amusement
like sharks feeding
on scribbled lines
strung between two way
drawing programs

and I'm too drunk
I have to lie down
and somewhere
our government
is bombing again
so that we can be free....

and the floor has a seizure

and a man with his shirt
off in front of the Starbucks
drinking a frappucino
glances as I walk by

an asian man steps up to help
a blind man cross the street
and the blind man pulls his elbow
away sharply

and the reflection of myself
in the dark restaurant window
looking older

and checking myself
checking myself
checking myself

feeling like I'm not
really there

and the outside coming in

and a sign that says:
--danger this place
causes cancer--

and paying bills
and phone calls
at any hour
to unseen strangers
with soft and understanding

and the feel of the soft
rubber sandals on
calloused feet

and the smell of sugar in cold green veins
the smell of old sweat

is it time to take my medication yet?

and taking a bath
bent forward
washing my hair
for the first time
in two weeks

because I can

and wondering what to do next
what to do next
wondering what to do next and
what to do next

and getting tired
and needing to sit down
and wondering what to do next

and sitting down

and another phone call from mother
and another phone call from David
and another phone call from Eden
and waiting

and feeling like a book on a shelf
all leaning to the left
and to the right the left
and to the right

waves on the ocean
stalks of wheat in
sun-drenched fields...

wondering wondering wondering
for a moment

what exactly the wind is

the wind
that moves it all.

Phinny's book of poetry
still available in
download and hardcopy

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