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This was written circa 2002 and is all true. Only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty. This is for all the people who have had to suffer the fools who use their labels as an excuse for irresponsibility and bad behavior.

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San Jose, Calif – Part-time college radio personality Roland Wilson was recently diagnosed with the mental disorder A.D.D. or 'Attention Defcit Disorder': a controversial biologically-based condition that causes a persistent pattern of difficulties resulting in such behaviors as inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. Since being diagnosed, friends and family members have noticed a change in Wilson’s behavior patterns… not all for the better.

“At first he expressed his commitment to beat this thing, and was going for rehabilitation,” says his long-time girlfriend, Mary Klaymore. “But in the past recent several months, his behavior has just deteriorated and deteriorated, and he’s come to use the A.D.D. diagnosis as more of an excuse more than anything”.

In recent months, Roland’s sleeping patterns have become so erratic that they are now virtually totally at random. “We can’t even spend my days off together because he’s sleeping all day, usually. He comes in at 5 in the morning to go to sleep, just when I’m getting up”. Klaymore says Roland will disappear sometimes for days at a time, without warning and return without explanation.

“Like, we were supposed to go over to our friend's Susan’s for a dinner party we had been planning for a week. Roland he had been pacing around and twitching all day long. Suddenly, he says ‘I’ll be right back!’ and before I can say ‘where are you going?’ he’s disappeared out the door. He was gone for 16 HOURS. I tried calling up to the radio station, and it turned out he was up there, but he wouldn’t come to the phone. Later he came home and there was not a word of apology or explanation or anything. When I tried to talk to him about it, he just muttered something about his A.D.D. acting up. He used to NEVER act that bad before the diagnosis.”

Mary also complains about him "spreading his crap all out all over the floor of the apartment and starting 5 different projects that he doesn’t finish and creating a complete mess". “Well, you know, that’s what people with A.D.D. do,” Wilson would say with a smirk and a shrug.

Mary says there have been other incidents.

“Then there was the time where he was supposed to fix my mom’s TV set. My mom’s TV set is very important to her, and he was supposed to be over by 8:30am. And he assures me ‘oh yeah yeah yeah I’ll be ready much sooner than that’. And I’m like ‘how many times have I heard THAT before?’ So of course we wait around for HOURS, just getting madder and madder. Finally, he shows up around 1:30pm with his sunglasses on and a Rockstar drink in his hand and smoking one of those twist tie Arab cigarettes that he smokes, and a smirk on his face, and you just want to haul off and punch the bastard right? But you can’t because he has a ‘brain disease’ Aaaaarrrggghhh! Oh God I hate him!”

Mary’s teenage daughter, Rose, who lives with the strifed couple concurs. “Yeah he like leaves his beard hair all over the sink, it’s so grody, and he doesn’t clean up after himself. He gets into my mom’s private stuff like some big hairy bear rooting through the garbage. He ripped the top off of a whole box of cereal! And he eats food that’s clearly marked for my school lunch the next day cuz, but oh, he’s ‘inattentive’ right? I’m so SURE, what a PIG. But oh wait but it’s not his fault right, it’s his 'brain disorder', oh yeah, I forgot. Ever since he’s found out he’s had THAT, it’s like he’s been handed a free license to become a total ASSHOLE”.

Longtime creative partner John Stimpson says, “yeah, I think with Roland the diagnosis has actually made his behavior worse. We do this radio show that’s sort of semi-weekly and all I ask of him is to transport my disks up to the station so they can be played. All he has to do is make a copy for the show’s producer and make a backup copy for the station in case that gets lost. Pretty simple right? But now that he thinks of himself as an ADD’er, he lets himself get all distracted by all manner of things, and that shit doesn’t get done. And you can’t get mad at him because ‘he has a 'brain disease’. But before he found out he had one, it wasn’t nearly half this bad.”

Attempts to reach Roland for an interview were unsuccessful. We scheduled a time for noon on Sunday and waited around for nearly 4 hours with Roland making no attempt to reach our interviewing team. We called around to all his usual haunts during that time, he was nowhere to be found, and wouldn’t return any messages.

We finally gave up, eventually scheduling again for Tuesday evening, but again he was a no show. He did leave us a quick voicemail on Thursday which sounded like he was calling from a bar-like atmosphere saying, “Sorry guys, it’s my A.D.D.”

Further attempts to reach him for comment were unsuccessful.

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