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This is an essay about the purported 'Five Level of Madness' as theorized by Phineas Narco. This is meant to progress, cautionarily, the progression of mania and psychosis.

Psychedelic Cat 1Level 1. Coincidence: You start to NOTICE synchronicities happening around you. Around 4-6 a day. For example, you're in a chat room, on the internet, and listening to music at the same time. In the song you are listening to, someone says the words "Why not?" and a second later, or at exactly the same time, the words "Why Not?" appear on your screen as part of a conversation. Or you are thinking of onions while the and at that moment someone mentions onions on the radio. *Most* people do not notice these things. This is in the realm of AWARENESS.

Level 2: Significance: These coincidences start to happen more andBowl of Mashed Potatoes more. Each time they do, you FEEL an eerie significance even though you can't say what the significance is. This is akin to Richard Dreyfuss saying "This is important, this means something" while pointing to a pile of mashed potatoes in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. This is in the realm of FEELING.

Level 3: Ideas: You start to get ideas about the 'significant coincidences'. These ideas, are actually not correct, or at least not in sync with consensus reality. For example, you notice that the light outside the door of the door of your particular apartment, the light in the hallway is a LITTLE bit brighter than the other lights in the hallway. You get the IDEA that this is because someone has replaced it with a cancer-causing radiation emitter. You don't BELIEVE this...this is in the realm of a THOUGHT.
Psychedelic Cat 2
Level 4: Connection: If the thoughts are persistent, each of the significant coincidences that you notice and have thoughts about start to relate to each other, in a way that are meaningful to you. For example, you may hear a hum come through your apartment and get the persistent idea that it is from members of the government, that have taken up residence in an adjacent apartments, sending cancer causing rays toward you. Combined with the other idea of the light, and further ideas, more and more 'evidence' is being accumulated. These 'meaningful connections' usually have a grandiose, religious, or sinister bent to them. This is in the realm of BELIEF.

Psychedelic Cat 3Level 5: Disconnection: You disconnect from consensus reality. Not only do you see a scorpion in the sky, reflected in a pattern of stars, but the scorpion comes down and talks to you. It also imports to you, possibly, knowledge that you might not have any business knowing, or otherwise not know. This is the realm of the shaman and the collective unconsciousness. Strange events occur. You can 'see into the future', have remote viewing or have out of body experiences.

This process can be likened to a person jumping from a dock onto a boat leaving the dock. He leaves the dock because the crowd on it makes him nervous and wants to get away from them. As he has one foot on the boat, one foot on the dock, he has three choices: 1.) stay on the dock, 2.) jump on the boat (go mad), or 3.) fall in the water. Once you have reached level 5 you are 'on the boat'.

The 'dock' is consensus reality. The 'water' down below is the realm of the mental patient in Western society. Medications and mental health interventions are analogous here to 'life preservers'.

Some countries and cultures do not have the technology or wherewithal for medications and services and so forth. For the people in the water, they either drown or are taken care of by people who jump in and buoy them. Other countries deal with this by making the 'boat riders' as holy people and revere them.

However, in Western culture, being 'on the boat' (unless you are a Hopi elder living on an Indian reservation and have people taking care of you) is not compatible with 'activities of daily living', things like going grocery shopping, paying rent and bills on time, having a social life, etc. People in the water, and certainly on the boat are 'stigmatized', as weak and dangerous to the 'flock' on the 'dock'. The 'boat rider' or 'water dweller' or 'those that cannot tolerate the dock' (for reasons of the same sensitivities to irrelevant stimulus that leads to level 1) and all the rest of it requires intervention.

Again, in other cultures, going on 'boat trips' can be a valuable service to the community, as if a ship captain has gone out and brought back fish, or treasures from other lands in the form of art, messages from beyond, pognostications, etc.

Getting 'lost at sea' is possible if care is not taken on these journies.


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