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News : Words
Posted by phineas narco on May 23, 2016 12:00 AM


Essays | Quotes | Humor

Top 20 Written Pieces for the Past month:

1. Quotes Collection

2. Cynical News: Bilbo Requests Ring of Mordor for Weekend

3. Cynical News: Shark Attack Reporting on the Rise

4. Cynical News: Study Says Gay Men Like Penises

5. Cynical News: Gonzo, Journalist, Kills Self

6. Cynical News: Photos and Captions

7. Humor: Guide to Being Depressed and Miserable

8. Cynical News: Jesus Christ Diagnosed with PTSD

9. Cynical News: French Fried Finger Found

10. Essay: The Five Levels of Madness

11. Cynical News: Area Man's ADD Symptoms Worsen After Diagnosis

12. Essay: The Role of Innocence and Experience in the Ascent of the Soul

13. Humor: Stove Top Stuffing Commercial

14. Cynical News: Sadaam in Video Actually Percy Dovetonsils

15. Humor: The Janor/Narco Interview

16. Humor: The Ronald Redball Story

17. Poem: The Wind

18. Humor: Neighbors Wary as new "Borg" Walmart Opens

19. Cynical News: North Korea Grows Balls, Dick

20. Cynical News: Tom Cruise Re-emphasizes *Not Gay*!!!

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