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News : Web Player and Listen Links for Live Scheduled Show
Posted by phineas narco on July 23, 2017 09:34 PM


Method 1: This is a web-player page to hear this week's live show. Press play button on player to start playback. Note-- Adobe flashplayer and enabled Javascript are required and this method might buffer between tracks.

Method 2: Clicking either this .pls playlist file link or else this .m3u playlist file link should open up your playlist-file assigned media software such as Winamp or VLC and start playing the stream. If your browser downloads a file, after clicking that link, click on that file in order to start playback. This method should play smoothly between tracks and should display individual track information and possibly artwork as well.

Method 3: Copy and paste this url into the appropriate place in your media player: <<< Highlight the link text and right-click to choose 'copy'. Or you can right click on the previous link itself and choose 'copy link address' and then paste in your media player. It does the same thing. After playback successfully starts, feel free to bookmark the link in your player so you don't have to copy and past it again.

Showtimes are: Thurs. and Sun. Nights at 10pm ET. But we usually go on 2 hours beforehand with a pre-show. If you are on IRC you can join us in the #plundercast chatroom on server. Or go here to access over the web.  

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