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The Midnight Voicejail episode guide, with episodes in order, with descriptions, and with off-site links to where you can listen to and purchase episodes in their original form(s) as well as complete radio edits of them.

The National Cynical Network
Midnight Voicejail - Episode Guide

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Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4
Season 5
Season 6

Season 7


Season 1: Jail

Episode 1 - "What is Voicejail?" - The premiere episode of the series, chronicling a group of slackers in the mid-80's and their voicemail scene.

Episode 2 – "Drugs" - Drugs as escape, recreation, dead end, and possible tool for enlightenment in the world of the Voicejail.

Episode 3 – "Work Hell" - The Voicejailers search for happiness and discuss their attitudes toward work.

.Episode - Manic-Depression - Mr. 1:15 discusses LSD, an appearance by Uncle Bob and his house of psychotic women, Mr. Chemist looks for a nude model, other surprises.

Episode 5 – "Dreamland" – A one-hour episode that delves into the curious subconscious world of dreaming. Different Voicejailers recount strange dream experiences, nightmares and night terrors.

Episode 6 – "Getting Together" - One-hour episode: The Voicejailers struggle against their own, and each others' reclusiveness, as they try to work up the nerve to meet in person.

Episode 7 "Voicemail Security" - Paranoia and the need for security in the Voicejail are theme.

Season 2: War

Episode 8 – "Leap" - Ronald crashes through the legitimacy barrier, a takeoff of the movie 'Fight Club', Voicejailers encourage each other to grow up and 'get a life'.

Episode 9– "Stupid" - Includes actual 'party line' material when Ronald Redball was an operator there, A talk show host becomes a stand-up comedian.

Episode 10 "Notes from the Nuthouse" - Schizophrenic mixes, stream-of-consciousness rants and ravings from down in the warm, echoey depths of the Voicejail. Includes Voicejailer Father Luke protesting an earlier version of the series. Mixed by Angel D. Monique!

Episode 11 – "Breaking & Entering" - Security breaks down in the Voicejailas boxes are broken into by a phantom phreaker. Features a xenophobic rant by The arch conservative 'Bay Area Representative'.

Episode 12 – "Eighty-Sixed" - The Bay Area Representative is kicked off the system, 1:15 mocks one of Dennis Erectus's many 'last shows' on now-defunct KOME, Redball experiments with voicemail speech compression.

Episode 13 "Weather" - Alliances are tested amongst the shifting tides of friendship in the Voicejail. Redball toys with forwarding an incendiary message to Mr. 1:15's roommate, Dr. Laura raps, a creditor's wrong number message is re-edited and played back to him.

Season 3: Pluto

Episode 14 – "Plutonium" - The First  episode of the Season 3 the so called 'Black Cat' series. Includes miscellaneous telephoolery and radio talk show host cut-ups.

Episode 15 – "How Does It Feel?" - The exuberance and idealism of the 60's meets the paranoia and cynicism of the 90's.

Episode 16 - "Helmut's Residence" - A message by Mr. Chemist and Penis Boy sets off Sledge's latent homophobia. Also, Redball as SNL's Dieter, makes phony phone calls.

Episode 17 - "Monkey Pizza" - A melange of aural oddities for your eardrums, without anchovies. Studio shenanigans with Ronald, Joe Sledgehammer and Mr. 115. Also, from 1980, two Voicejailers molest an abandoned car in stereo.

Episode 18 - "The Ultimate End of Everything" - A deleted box leads to panic in the Voicejail. Could this be the end for our faithful crew? Includes the conclusion to the running 'Black Cat' radio dramas.

Episode 19 - "Left & Right" - A look at the clash of liberal and conservative values'on the boxes'. Includes collages of news clips from both Bush administrations including a cut-up of George W. Bush's presidential acceptance speech.

Season 4: Release

Episode 20 – "Joe's Place" – Joe Sledgehammer and his roommate set up dates with various women on the weekend, while a dismally bored Mr. 1:15 and Ronald fill his mailbox with pleas to get together.

Episode 21 – "Jonesin’" – Mr. 1:15 turns to drink and becomes belligerent when he has to go without marijuana for a week.

Episode 22 – "Rollercoaster" – Mr. 1:15 philosophizes and contemplates suicide on his 25th birthday.

Episode 23 –"Endorphins"Mr. 1:15 contemplates taking heroin, Redball taunts Sledgehammer over his favorite TV show’s cancellation, other surprises.

Episode 24 – "The Maze" – An explicit hour long episode examining the bleak world of Silicon Valley dating in the age of AIDS and technological alienation. Includes remixes of popular songs, and party line weirdness.

Episode 25 – "Perry Stone"– Chronicling the days of Perry Stone on KSJO, a pre-Howard Stern (at least in Silicon Valley) shock jock that became a fixture in the Voicejail world. Included: Joe’s mailbox number is mentioned on Perry Stone’s show and is mistaken for a 'Perry Stone hotline' by hundreds of inattentive listeners.

Episode 26 – "Coping Mechanism" – Included: Mr. 1:15 reacts to an anti-drug PSA cut-up on Joe's outgoing message, Ed Note and Joe discuss the TV show ‘Sledgehammer’, and The Bay Area representative rebuffs critical callers.

Episode 27 – "The Void" – Mr. 1:15 hits a wall of existential futility, Redball makes crank calls to directory assistance, Perry Stone gets fired from KSJO leading many disappointed fans to call Joe's mailbox, Sledgehammer imitates Mr. 1:15.


Season 5: Riot

Episode 28 "The Shout" – Mr. 1:15, Redball, Mr. Chemist and Joe prepare to go to Berkeley for a stint on Negativland’s radio show, Ronald makes crank calls and interviews the electronic voicemail voice: 'Voicejail Betty'.

Episode 29 – "Falling" – Mr. 1:15 imagines earthly life as a fall from ‘reality heaven’. Also, boredom leads to a rash of telephoolery and crank calls to directory assistance.

Episode 30 – "Instant Healing" - Lance berates Redball for having no life, Joe Sledgehammer leaves messages while ringi9ng up customers at the liquor store, 1:15’s drug poetry provokes reaction, Melissa’s boxmate is threatened.

Episode 31 "Hybrid" An outgoing message spoofs Rambo, The Bay Area Representative answers questions from callers, Mr. 1:15 is called up for jury duty, and a collage featuring Art Bell talking to a six-fingered antichrist.

Episode 32 "Callbox Sunday" – Redball’s refusal to clear out his mailbox leads to a competition between him and Joe to see who can make the best outgoing.

Episode 33 – "Kert Rats" – A remix of Star Trek samples, also Voicejailers criticize Redball for constantly breaking things that are lent to him.

Episode 34 – "Negativity" – An outpouring of negative energy. Included: Joe and 1:15 trade tongue-in-cheek threats, and the pieces Spider and Buddy.

Episode 35 – "The Quake" – Hour long season 5 finale: Messages in the minutes and days after the Oct. 17th, 1989 San Francisco Bay Area earthquake highlight this episode. Also included: musical collages representing American response to disaster and Mr. 1:15 gives a voicemail soliloquy the day of the Sept. 11th, 2001 tragedy.

Season 6: Short Stint

Episode 36 - "Land of the Dead" - Fevered meditations on God and death as well as harassment of directory assistance and Star Trek's George Takei.

Episode 37 - "Red Light District" - The boys leave the comfortable confines of South Bay suburbia and make a frightening foray into the mean streets of San Francisco's red light district. Also, Arnold Schwarzeneggar spoofs including Ronald being chased around the voicemail system by Terminator model 50-10. And, an extended version of Electromagma #1 featuring KFJC radio DJ Kalvin J. Krebs.

Episode 38 - "Mentally Deranged" - 1:15 challenges a threatening Voicejailer to come over and kill him. "Bug' crawls inside of your head. Homosexual panic abounds as the boys cruise through The Castro district. Includes the single Mentally Deranged, Ronald taunts Sledgehammer by leaving messages on his answering machine imitating Sledge's long-standing astonishment at every little plot point of Quantum Leap and Star Trek--The Next Generation. More weirdness.

Episode 39 - "Chaos Theory" - Includes the results of a 1991 phone experiment where Redball and and Sledgehammer create a stereo phone mix with an 8 mile channel separation. Joe hacks into the Mitchell Brothers adult movie theater's answering machine in San Francisco and listens to the room monitor. Daniel Sverdslow interviews a perplexed Stephen J. Hawking on the Paranoid News Network. Other interesting surprises.

Season 7: Life Sentence

Episode 40 - "2001" - Hour-long season opener, originally broadcast on midnight the night of 9/11/02, that takes a darkly satirical look at the 365 days between 9/11/01 and 9/11/02 and what happened during that time. Combines collage, commentary and dark humor.

Episode 41 - "Conspiracies, Coverups and Crimes" - Prank phone calls to and cut-ups of Dave Emory's One Step Beyond show highlight this episode. Also another newscast from PNN the Paranoid News Network and a piece on the on again off again Star Wars program. For the record, we here at NCN are really hoping Dave has a sense of humor about all this but somehow we are not holding our breaths. Time will tell.

Episode 42 - "Call Wait"- Ronald is driven into a frenzy of frustration by a combination of his hay fever medication and his inability to get a hold of either Joe or Dave on the phone.

Episode 43 - "Our Man in England" - Mr. 1:15 pulls up roots from the Voicejail and from Silicon Valley and moves to England where he gets married and settles down for a lifetime of marital bliss. Joe's roommate complains about Joe's cigar smoking.

Episode 44 - "Trucked" - Trucks as a means to escape boredom, trucks as a sign of manhood, trucks that you crash in over and over again. Dadaist cut-ups. Psycho Jack notices Voicejail coincidences. Ronald prank calls a guitar store.

Episode 45 - "Shut Up 'n' Play Yer Voicemail Part 1" - An experiment in non-experimentation. Voicemail without any effects, fancy editing, drop-ins, cut-ups, echoes, special features or satanic backward masking. Just raw, pure, voicemail messages, the way they originally were, for an entire episode.

Episode 46 - "Feel Beautiful" - Psychedelic soundsscapes, both soothing and intense abound in this largely abstract episode.

Episode 47 - "Squawk Box" - From yesteryear: Ronald is taken to task, on the air, by Don Joyce of Negativland for losing his hard-to-replace phone equipment. Ronald tries to get Dave to do the 'pee-pee dance', more calls from Buckwheat's schizophrenic answering machine phone stalker, and 1:15 talks more of his cats in England.

Episode 48 - "The Touch" - 1:15, Ronald and Don Joyce of Negatvland perform a sketch on Don's show Over the Edge. A teacher phones a parent over an errant student. Commercials from yesteryear, and the manically psychedelic collage piece Semtex Pump by NCN.

Episode 49 - "Shut Up 'n' Play Yer Voicemail Part 2 " - The second part of, well, of part 1. Raw Voicejail. No fancy stuff. 1:15 performs a performance piece of vengeance against those who do not respond to messages. Musical outgoing messages. Material from 1995. Included messages from Angel D. Monique, the original host of the show that Voicejail piggybacked on: Club Manic-Consciousness.

Episode 50 - "Escape" - Mr. 1:15 reflects on his new life in England and his cats. Last episode in the series(?).


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