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NCN and Puzzling Evidence - Gods and Monsters
October 18, 2016
From a show done for 'Crack of Dawn' on October 7th, 2016 at KPFA in Berkeley with Puzzling Evidence (Doug Wellman) and Dr. Hal (Harry S. Robins) in the studio. With remixes of humorous religious pieces as well as remixed excerpts from the 1963 LP "Famous Monsters Speak!" this mix of mixes includes long, dense spooky Halloween-worthy sequences, take-offs on cults, "God(s)" and religious dogma, as well as political material including at least a couple of post-added Donald Trump remixes (the Trump-centric 'PussyGate' scandal erupted the day after the program was broadcast). This program has been re-worked since the original broadcast version and is a 'Narco Mix' of the program. With work by Unforgiven, Placeboing, Mad Genius, Contemporary Casuals, Matt McCorkle, and Solar Wimp amongst others. - A nearly 5 hour show in all.
Tags: National Cynical Network, KPFA, Puzzling Evidence, SubGenius, Found Sound, Program, Mixcloud, DFM, Plundercast EXPLORE

NCN - Growing Up
August 26, 2016
The Definitive version of this mix, originally webcast on Plundercast and DFM on August 21st, 2016. An audio time-capsule of sorts made up of current voices, and electronically spoken text, from around the web on the subject of adulthood. It is comprised of many clips, samples, music and songs all about coming of age and growing up. With a leitmotif of Neil Young's 'Heart of Gold' and work by NCN, OneTwoOneTwo, Demarest, King Missile, Don Joyce, The Former Yugoslavia, The Pussycat Dolls, Ronald Redball, Alexander T. Newport, Essays by Phineas Narco, Joseph Campbell, much from David Richo (author of the excellent 'How to Be an Adult in Relationships') and many, many more. When this was originally webcast it was about 80% done we realized afterwards. It is now fixed, and complete. This program is a little bit better than the Mixcloud version as some audio mixing mistakes have been fixed. - A 3 hour program.
Tags: National Cynical Network, adulthood, maturity, Mixcloud, Plundercast, DFM EXPLORE

NCN - Dinosaurs (with JC Clone on KFJC)
June 04, 2016
Broadcast on KFJC 89.7 FM in the SF Bay Area (for the recurring Mr. Pumpkinhead show and part of their MAYhem Specials) and mixed live by Phineas Narco and JC Clone on May 20th, 2016. The daring duo return to the terrestrial airwaves and serve up a mouth-watering musical audio-collage meal (for your eardrums) all about (dot dot dot) Dinosaurs. Educational and entertaining in a non-linear, dissociated kind of way. Originally a 4-hour LIVE mix which delves into pre-history and explores the realm of the raptors, Barney, creationism, songs about dinosaurs, and all manner of Jurassic hijinks! Part of the SubGenius Icons series. Some post-production work has been done on this edited 3-hour digest available on the web. Listen, or become extinct! - Note: This program is best heard through headphones.
Tags: National Cynical Network, KFJC, Dinosaurs, Mr. Pumpkinhead, JC Clone, Mixcloud, radio program, program, Subgenius Icons series, SubGenius EXPLORE

NCN - The Easter 2016 Show
April 11, 2016
Webcast on Easter Sunday, April 27th, 2016--this is an irreverent collection of often bizarre (and sometimes moving) sonic items, both musical and comedic, relating to Jesus, Christmas, Easter, and religion in general. With new work from 'Christworx 100% Unlimited', also I Cut People, various mixed seminal excerpts from The Great Big Jesus Show (from NCN years' past), International Secular Atavism, The Onion Radio News, The Rudy Schwartz Project, Wobbly and many many others. - A 3-hour mix.
Tags: National Cynical Network, Jesus, Easter, religion, religious, Plundercast, Mixcloud, program EXPLORE

NCN - Fapcore 2016
April 04, 2016
Note--Subject matter, and some language may be NSFW. Listener Discretion Advised. NCN invites you to get a grip, as you rock out with your... headphones ON while listening to this sonically risque' radio ride. Yes, a new show all about... THAT. Kind of a taboo subject, but well, hell when has that ever stopped us? A companion piece to NCN - Bootycore 2014, this program was originally webcast on March 20th, 2016--to about a dozen people--and hosted by (the late) James Mason, and features a wide variety of musical remixes and comedic treatments about humanity's favorite solitary pastime. An attempt to normalize an increasingly relevant cultural topic, in a hopefully tasteful and entertaining manner, by providing a cultural overview of its various treatments in music and comedy. A 3-hour semi-psychedelic 'syntopical' mix.
Tags: National Cynical Network, NSFW, fap, fapping, EXPLORE

NCN - An Interesting Show About Boredom
February 25, 2016
Webcast on January 21st, 2016 on Plundercast and DFM out of Amsterdam - A show all about the universally undesired state of boredom: ennui, malaise, doldrums, 'blues', call it what you will--an exploration to find out what causes it, represent the current cultural conversation about it, and discover what (if anything) should be done about it. It's actually an INTRIGUING SUBJECT as it turns out: something found extensively in popular culture as well as psychological and philosophical studies. Re-contextualized examples, song clips, samples and effects, pour forth in this 3-hour psychedelic and hyper-edited collage treatment of the subject. Adapted from a less-developed 2011 program (boringly titled 'Deconstructing Boredom'), this jazzed up redux asks the question: Is boredom a mental quagmire, or a doorway to peace and ultimately an opportunity for existential enlightenment? Includes work from FU2, Contemporary Casuals, Supercut, Stylust Beats, The Bonzo Dog Band, 10th Dimension, many many more!
Tags: National Cynical Network, boredom, enuii, redux, Deconstructing Boredom, Plundercast, Mixcloud, program, dfm EXPLORE

NCN - The Trump / Fascism Show
February 18, 2016
Originally webcast on January 14th, 2016 - Excerpts from fascist-oriented commentary collage pieces by NCN from years past; and some more current remixes of Donald Trump in the current political race, from around the web, are mixed with excerpts from various mixes by other artists about fascism including The Unforgiven's 'Il Duce, Ha Sempre Ragione' mix from Mixcloud, and tracks from a Mabson Enterprises compilation album. Includes the new parody song, 'Unelectable' by Phinny, and excerpts from Episode 41 of the NCN Midnight Voicejail series entitled 'Conspiracies, Cover-ups and Crimes' poking some fun at anti-fascist researcher Dave Emory of KFJC, our old stomping grounds. A 3-hour mix, in all.
Tags: National Cynical Network, Fascism, Trump, Donald Trump, political, politics, Midnight Voicejail, Mixcloud, Plundercast, DFM EXPLORE

NCN - The Peter Gabriel Remix Project
February 10, 2016
Webcast on January 31st, 2016--Continuing in our tributes to musical 'Heroes' such as David Bowie a couple of weeks ago: this is a moving, heartfelt tribute and synthesized collection of different styles and genres: interpretations of Peter Gabriel's work in the form of mashups, remixes, covers and variations. Most of us have heard his original songs, but this program explores influences and inspirations of former Genesis lead and solo artist extraordinare: Peter Gabriel in these effectively de-facto collaborations with other artists who have taken that work and done interesting things with it. The Peter Gabriel Remix Project is a 'Best Of' compilation of obscure ephemeral rarities, DIY interpretations, versions, mixes, interview clips, and overall variations on Peter Gabriel's music in order to show the scope, breadth and influence of his life's ( so far ) work. From his departure from the rock band Genesis in the 70's to his solo work, collaborations and politically-minded work, his activism and beyond it's all covered here - A 3 hour collage mix / tribute. Best if heard with headphones!
Tags: National Cynical Network, Peter Gabriel, covers, remixes, mixes, Plundercast, mix, mixcloud, dfm, mashups, mash ups, mash-ups EXPLORE

NCN - The David Bowie Remix Project
January 19, 2016
This is a moving pastiche of different styles and genres: interpretations of David Bowie's work in the form of mashups, remixes, covers. Most of us have heard his original songs, but this program is exploring influences and inspirations of David Bowie (8 January 1947 to 10 January 2016) in these effectively de-facto collaborations with other artists - Everything But Bowie / and All Bowie: A Best Of compilation of obscure rarities, DIY interpretations, versions, mixes, interview clips and variations to show the scope and breadth of his life's work - A 3 hour mix / tribute. RIP David Bowie.
Tags: National Cynical Network, David Bowie, death, remix, remixes, mashups, mash ups, mash-ups, covers, variations EXPLORE

NCN - 2016 Predictions and Whatnot
January 12, 2016
From January 10th, 2016--A somewhat somber show, with some upbeat sequences punctuating here and there. A collection of many mystical, artistic and journalistic voices from around the web giving prognostications for the coming year. Much commentary from various astrologers and psychics giving their predictions for the coming year. 'Predictions' literally means 'the words that come before', words which reflect the hopes, dreams and fears of the speaker(s). Think of it as imaginary pre-News. With Donald Trump remixes and work from Stallio!, Grimes, Stembreo and other sample-based artists in this - a 3-hour mix.
Tags: National Cynical Network, Predictions, 2016, psychism, astrology, plundercast, mixcloud, program EXPLORE

NCN - Favorable Mutations (KFJC Special)
January 05, 2016
This is a 6-hour program looking back at the 'Best of' NCN's mixes in 2015, done on New Year's Eve, December 31st, 2015 / January 1st, 2015 and played to as much as 200 listeners, on the KFJC stream and countless more listening in on radio waves in the SF Bay Area while we brought in the New Year. Some post-production work has been done to edit this down from 7 to 6 hours, fix transitions and occasional redundancies, dead air, etc. Includes material from 'Mad or Bad', 'Man Up', 'Blurred Versions' and many, many other shows we did in 2015, including material that came out of our housing crisis as well as pieces having to do with the news events of 2015. The Midnight Hour celebration happens right before the 4hr 20 min. mark. The program includes a couple of new sets / material about Donald Trump and Bill Cosby, in the mix. This is like getting a year's worth of NCN shows in 6 hours.
Tags: National Cynical Network, KFJC, 2015, New Year's, New Year's Eve, NYE, Celebration, Retrospective, Best of EXPLORE

NCN - Daddy Issues
December 29, 2015
A show for everyone with a father! Around the family holiday season comes a mix that was first played on 11/20/11 on Plundercast and DFM about issues that spring up between fathers and their kids (especially sons) and... a situation we can all understand: 'Daddy Issues'--who do we know who doesn't have them? Even daddies! A creative collage mix of instances in popular and not-so-popular culture in which the subject is dealt with and explored. Mutated music clips from the likes of Johnny Cash, Pink Floyd, Cat Stevens, The Nice, Harry Chapin, Linkin Park, movies like The Great Santini (1979) and A Boy's Life (1993) and remixed comedy from Kids in the Hall, George Carlin and Mr. Show and many others. Get an extra hankie for this one. One of the most moving show's we've done (IMHO).
Tags: National Cynical Network, dads, dad, father, fathers, parents, collage, audio collage, mix, special mix, program EXPLORE

NCN - Xmas Leftovers
December 25, 2015
This program was put together in 2009 and originally webcast post-holiday on 12/27/2009. A lot of these tracks can be found in the mash-up albums 'A Very Bootie Xmas' and 'A Very Bootie Xmas 2' which can probably be found on the web. Other material includes stuff from the great Bob Rivers, Scooter (from Innerside Radio), Dr. John, The Bran Flakes and a portion that's a tribute to our Jewish Friends called 'Hebrewphilia'. 128kbps 79 min.
Tags: National Cynical Network, Xmas, Christmas, mashups, holiday season EXPLORE

NCN - The Cynical Xmas Show 2007 - Part 1 of 2
December 25, 2015
Part 1 of 2: A pastiche of different collages, mashups and novelty songs about the holiday, including some straight up traditional favorites. A lot of these are from a cynical, tasteless or twisted perspective (some NSFW). Includes a set on fed-up Santas and spoofs on Xmas as seen by other faiths. Originally broadcast, Christmas 2007 on
Tags: christmas, 2007, ncn, national cynical network, variety EXPLORE

NCN - The Cynical Xmas Show 2007 - Part 2 of 2
December 25, 2015
Part 2 of 2 of the Cynical Xmas show for 2007. Includes old novelty favorites, mashups by DJ BC, Nemozob, DJ Earlybird, Wax Audio, Fettdog, a medley of different versions of 'I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus', other surprises. Less than 80 min. 128kbps. Originally webcast on on 12/25/07.
Tags: christmas, 2007, ncn, national cynical network, variety EXPLORE

NCN - The Last Xmas Show
December 25, 2015
A mix made up mostly of various novelty songs about Christmas. We put this together in 2011, anticipating the End of the World before Christmas, 2012, but it never got put up, until now... Also played on December 22nd, 2013 on DFM (out of Amsterdam) and Plundercast. Has a 'creepy Christmas' set as well a many Bob Rivers parodies. Includes some weird ones like Mom And Daddy's 'O Holy Night' and some more traditional stuff as well. 3-hour show. Full content listing in ID3 tags of the mp3.
Tags: National Cynical Network, Xmas, Christmas, Novelty Songs, mix, program, holidays EXPLORE

NCN - They're Coming to Shoot JFK, Ha Haa!
November 30, 2015
This was originally played on the 52nd anniversary of the JFK assassination: November 22nd, 2015 to about 15 people between and out of Amsterdam and it was well-received. It is a bit of a 'best of' Puzzling Evidence retrospective borrowing material from the 2011 Special we did on The Puzzling Evidence Show including live mixed collages and song as well as monologues from the November 8th, 2013 Puzzling Evidence Show (which commemorated the 50th Anniversary of the assassination). Much collaged material in here about JFK as well as, sprinkled throughout, pretty much all the versions, treatments, variations and covers of 'They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha Haa!' by Napolean XIV originally. - 3 hours.
Tags: National Cynical Network, SubGenius, Puzzling Evidence, Conspiracy, JFK, assassination, Napolean XIV EXPLORE

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