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-= Mutated Music Mixes by Phineas Narco of the Church of the Subgenius =-


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NCN - Last Tooth on the Left
July 09, 2014
Another mix in NCN's inimitable style, this time concerning teeth, tooth care and dentists. "How do you take care of your teeth?" The 1 hour radio edit of this program was heard on WREK in Atlanta on "Bob"'s Solacktime Funhouse. Originally webcast on Plundercast and DFM on November 27th, 2011 when we had to get that tooth in question extracted, this mix is remixed a little bit for July 09, 2014. Includes the piece 'The Klein vs. Gilmour Dentistry Suite' sprinkled into the initial comedy montage in the program. The suite compares Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour's guitar playing style to a dentist's drill. Much comedy in here (with some possibly NSFW language) as well as all manner of music, novelty songs, mash-ups, collages, various memes and comic commentary as well as some disturbing material all in this almost 2 hour and 37 minute mix.
Tags: National Cynical Network, tooth care, dentistry, dental, teeth, program, mix, Mixcloud, Plundercast, comedy EXPLORE

NCN - NegatiVariations and Whatnot
June 24, 2014
Just as webcast on June 22nd, 2014 - Remixes of works Negativland, mostly of their recent release to the web of their master recording tracks (or 'stems') of 'U2 - Negativland' their controversial 1991 EP featuring outtakes of Casey Kasem (RIP). Plus excerpts from the newest NCN release, the Subgenius-oriented 'Kill Me', a technology set, and work by Neu!, Eris Tsubasa, ARKiV, dev random, Kamasutra, DJ Tripp, The Boredoms, Neil Cicierega, Cloud Surfer, WRP, Sheer Zed and more! - A 3-hour mix.
Tags: National Cynical Network, Negativland, U2, Remixes, technology, Casey Kasem EXPLORE

NCN - A Long Distance Dedication
May 19, 2014
This is in part a retrospective of Casey Kasem Collages, but NOT including the Original 'U2' EP by Negativland (pictured), but variations on the same. Look up 'These Guys Are From England, and Who Gives a Shit?' by Negativland for the original and other played variations. Includes some parodies, pranks and tributes. Also work by other DJs (of the other sort) including DJ Hickory, DJ Twobeans, Eric Kleptone, Tower of Tongues from Red Hand Dave, DJ Cheeba, DJ Moneyshot, DJ Food, The Subgenius Show "Best" of the 90s, Ronald Redball, BudtheWeiser, Scott Lawler, I Cut People, DJ Falcon and The Rudy Schwartz Project. - A 3 hour mix.
Tags: National Cynical Network, U2, Negativland, Casey Kasem, DJ's, DJs, Disk Jockeys EXPLORE

NCN - All Things, Which Come My Way 4
May 12, 2014
This is a mix of some recent discoveries, and some older material, in this very eclectic mix. Fourth in a series. As heard on DFM and Plundercast on May 4th, 2014. We mix it up a bit during part of this program creating some unique combinations. See the Mixcloud link or the ID3 tags inside the mp3 for complete playlist. - 3 hour mix.
Tags: National Cynical Network, eclectic, variety, Plundercast, Mixcloud, program, DFM, recent discoveries, mix EXPLORE

NCN - Mommy Issues
May 12, 2014
This was webcast on Sunday, Mother's Day, May 11th, 2014 on DFM and Plundercast. Kind of a dark, but sometimes moving, mix about motherhood and Mommy issues. Mixed in: material from an old Negativland/Over the Edge show called 'Mom and Dad' and our offering to the Red Hand Dave tape compilation from the 80s which is probably our earliest collage work. - 3 hour mix. This is a companion piece to 'Mom and Dad' as well as 'Daddy Issues' completing a trilogy.
Tags: National Cynical Network, parents, parenthood, mother, mothers, motherhood, mommy, moms EXPLORE

NCN - Backward Noodles
April 30, 2014
Webcast on DFM out of Amsterdam and Plundercast on Sunday the 27th of April, 2014. This webcast is an eclectic mix we were originally going to call 'All Things Which Come My Way 4' but over the course of the week it evolved into 'Backward Noodles'. The program includes clips from the NCN programs 'Play It Backwards' and the newly released 'Nervous Noodles'. Also wonderful obscure work from fr334all.2 on, The Caretaker, DJ Lobsterdust, Luxurious Dagger, AcidTrasH, Baconhanger, El Barto and Liam B, Negativland, Hooverphonic, Frank Zappa and more.
Tags: National Cynical Network, program, mix, Plundercast, DFM, Mixcloud, back masking, backmasking, backward masking, eclectic, variety EXPLORE

NCN - The Floor Show
April 17, 2014
Originally webcast on Plundercast and DFM on April 13th, 2014: A show about floors, carpeting: songs and music about flooring IN celebration of our new carpet at NCN. We also pay tribute to our late friend Darren who sadly passed away a year ago in the first 35 minutes of this program presenting some of his favorite songs. Featuring work by Red Carpet, The National Hardwood Floor Association, Fernandenande Lemur, Major Lazer, DJ Schmolli, Ultra 396, Drowning Pool, DJ Shylock, The Onion Radio News, James Larrance, The Hadron Big Bangers, Phineas Narco and Mudwick, many more. A 3 Hour Mix in all.
Tags: National Cynical Network, Mixcloud, Plundercast, floors, flooring, carpets, carpeting, Darren tribute EXPLORE

NCN on Plundercast - Songs About Blindness and Whatnot
April 05, 2014
This program was webcast originally on 12/05/10 and re-done a bit for 03/30/2014 on It is about blindness, seeing, hiding, information overload, and other leitmotifs that run through. Featuring work by Middle Class Rut, Cassette Boy, Porcupine Tree, Blancmange, The Kleptones, The Streets, NCN, Fear, ToToM, a 'Black Hole Sun' versions medley put together by NCN, Seelenluft, Girl Talk, DJ Schmolli, Skism, much more. 128kbps, 3 hour show.
Tags: National Cynical Network, blindness, non-sightedness, sightedness, seeing, hiding, plundercast EXPLORE

NCN - One of Our Planes
March 28, 2014
Webcast on March 23rd, 2014 during the Malaysian Flight MH370 disappearance this program examines the subject of missing planes, past and present: from Amelia Earhart to Gary Powers' U2, the mystery of TWA Flight 800, and more current events. Some rare Live Negativland pieces about U2 and related Howland Island 'Over the Edge' material from 1992; also stuff from 'Bombscare', work by Larry Stepniak, Uncle Onan Canobite of the Church of the Subgenius, rx, and variations, mixes and theories relating to 'LOST' as well as music by The Hadron Big Bangers, latest Midnight Voicejail in the last half hour of the program (which may be NSFW) and more! - A 3-hour program.
Tags: National Cynical Network EXPLORE

NCN - The Eckhart Tolle Remix
March 19, 2014
Originally webcast on June 24th, 2012 on DFM and Plundercast--This program remixes a lot of material from spiritual leader Eckhart Tolle's 'The Power of Now' which advocates the stilling of, and non-identification with, the mind as a means to spiritual enlightenment. Many songs are used to illustrate and augment philosophical points, with Phineas popping in and out of the mix to channel Mr. 1:15, back announce, and express skepticism at the time, while praising Tolle's soft and compelling speaking voice. We since have come to believe that Tolle was right on many levels. Shades of light and shadow abound in this 3-hour mix.
Tags: National Cynical Network, Eckhart Tolle, newage, new age, remix EXPLORE

NCN - The Dog Show (2014 Mix)
March 11, 2014
Ultra-dense mix originally from a 2011 show, recut and re-mastered for March 9th, 2014 with mixed samples from Ellipse Elkshow, The Value Village People, Negativland, Mash Puppies, Out of Phase, The Bran Flakes, The Onion, mrSimon, George Carlin, NCN's Midnight Voicejail, Woody Allen, 'Weird Al', The Simpsons, Longmont Potion Castle, Brad Sucks, Tom Lehrer, Good Cue Sign (from Red Hand Dave), The Aquabats, Ogden Edsel, Ask Dr. Science, Duck's Breath Mystery Theater, The Seven Stooges, many more!
Tags: National Cynical Network, Midnight Voicejail, Plundercast, dogs, pets, animals, EXPLORE

NCN - Ghostbustin': Songs for the Recently Departed
March 05, 2014
Webcast on March 2nd, 2014 on DFM and Plundercast - This program pays tribute to some recent passages at the time of its making including Harold Ramis, Pete Seeger, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Bob 2 from Devo, and ... cats. Yes cats. RIP Geesha. Might have some NSFW comedy material therein. 3-hour mix.
Tags: National Cynical Network, death, deaths, cats, felines, Ghostbusters, Harold Ramis, recent deaths EXPLORE

NCN on Plundercast - Songs to Haunt You
January 28, 2014
This program was webcast on January 26th, 2014--A collection of songs that have, more or less, a reputation for being 'haunting'. Some of these songs tell compelling and disturbing stories, others are more abstract and are more haunting in their tone. Almost all were mentioned in a recent Reddit thread about 'most haunting or bone-chilling songs'. Not for the faint of heart, some of these disturbing songs (like Immortal Technique's 'Dance with the Devil' here in its entirety) are NSFW. Listener discretion advised. These are pieces from various artists that will stick with you after listening. 3 hour program - 128kbps. Full playlist at Mixcloud and in ID3 tags of mp3.
Tags: National Cynical Network, haunting, scary, spooky, creepy, program EXPLORE

NCN on Plundercast - Blade Running
January 20, 2014
Webcast on Plundercast and DFM (out of Amsterdam) January 19th, 2014--This is our musical tribute to the classic 1982 film noir cyberpunk masterpiece 'Blade Runner' and features many remixes of sounds and music from the film, many remixes (particularly of the driving 'End Titles' theme) of musical pieces from Vangelis' soundtrack, clips from the 2007 25th Anniversary 3 cd-set (still available) and having nothing at all to do with Negativland's 1994 'Blade Runner Remix' when the soundtrack finally came out in the U.S. Yes, much has happened since then, in terms of DIY re-interpretations of this work, and we have the best of the best (in our humble opinion) all under one roof in this much listened-to and well attended program (we got upwards of 25 listeners for the show's final cut). This program is a little bit different than the webcast version in that it includes a great piece called the 'Surprise Mix' of the End Titles theme done by ARKiV who was a listener to the program and contributed that track. Thanks, ARKiV! - 3 hour mix. 128kbps mp3 with full playlist and info in ID3 tags.
Tags: National Cynical Network, Blade Runner, Remixes, Movies EXPLORE

2014 Predictions and Whatnot
January 07, 2014
Devoted to, and chock full of, predictions for the coming year from many voices around the web who claim to be able to foretell what is going to happen. Some other stuff in here too: including various songs, some mashups and a lot of new show excerpts from Skidmark Bob's great compilation series/show 'Pop Defect Radio' and their 2013 musical retrospective from late last year. This program was webcast on January 5th, 2014 on DFM out of Amsterdam and Plundercast - 3 hour show.
Tags: National Cynical Network, predictions, 2014, Pop Defect Radio, songs, mashups, newage EXPLORE

NCN on Plundercast - The Last Xmas Show
December 23, 2013
A mix made up mostly of various novelty songs about Christmas. We put this together in 2011, anticipating the End of the World before Christmas, 2012, but it never got put up, until now... Also played on December 22nd, 2013 on DFM (out of Amsterdam) and Plundercast. Has a 'creepy Christmas' set as well a many Bob Rivers parodies. Includes some weird ones like Mom And Daddy's 'O Holy Night' and some more traditional stuff as well. 3-hour show. Full content listing in ID3 tags of the mp3.
Tags: National Cynical Network, Xmas, Christmas, Novelty Songs, mix, program, holidays EXPLORE

NCN - Teen Spirit Variations
December 21, 2013
A mix of variations on 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' by Nirvana. 60 min. long. As heard in 'The Best of NCN 2013' webcast on DFM and on Plundercast on December 8th, 2013. A medley of many mash-ups, versions and covers. These are all excerpts of songs, no one song is heard complete. Check the mixcloud version of this program for appropriate playlist.
Tags: National Cynical Network, Nirvana, variations, Smells Like Teen Spirit, covers, mix, Mixcloud, mash ups, mashups, mash-ups EXPLORE

NCN on Plundercast - The Star Wars Remix Project
November 20, 2013
Originally webcast on November 17th, 2013 on Plundercast and DFM streams - This is a program / mix about Star Wars, with remixes of music from the movies interspersed with funny songs about Star Wars. Contains some dubstep, as well as techno and house versions and other variations of recognizable themes from the movies. Many fan-made pieces in here, all under one roof. 3-hour show!
Tags: National Cynical Network, Star Wars, movie, movies, remix, Plundercast, program EXPLORE

NCN on Plundercast - Songs About Mary
November 05, 2013
A 3-hour program dedicated to Mary and songs about Mary. Dedicated to the loving memory of Gonkwheat (RIP), or Mary, whose 47th Birthday was the week it aired! Many many 'Mary' Songs. Originally webcast November 3rd, 2013 on Plundercast and DFM out of Amsterdam. We miss you, Pippi! You will appreciate this show if you are a Mary or have a Mary in your life. A Grand Old Name!
Tags: National Cynical Network, Mary, Gonkwheat, RIP, Tribute EXPLORE

The Shining Remix Project
October 23, 2013
Webcast on October 17th, 2013 - Just in time for Halloween! A scary mix of different re-workings, variations, samplings, remixes, tributes and mashups all of, and about, the immortal Kubrick horror masterpiece, 'The Shining'. Pieces done by NCN and other media artists. Warning: contains dubstep. May not be suitable for more sensitive listeners. 128kbps Just over 3 hour mp3.
Tags: National Cynical Network, The Shining, movies, remixes, dubstep, mash ups EXPLORE

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