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Music Video: National Cynical Network - You May Be Right
December 09, 2008
Tags: ircarus, bipolar, madness, insanity, cinema, billy joel, national cynical network, ncn, music video

A music collage video about madness. This is a syntopical commentary, and expansive deconstruction of Billy Joel's song 'You May Be Right' (I May Be Crazy) in regards to Billy Joel's bipolar condition. Leitmotifs include: Bipolar as madness, madness as flight, the flight and fall of Icarus in Greek Mythology, madness as entertainment as evidenced through various cinematic psychopathic villains represented herein. Madness as escape. Madness as creativity, madness as destruction. Madness as strength. Madness ultimately as source, and the choice, of positive celebration. (Trivia Note - Phinny is actually singing the vocals on the audio track of this video, not Billy Joel).
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