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NCN - Beyond Belief
July 17, 2017
Tags: National Cynical Network, Roger Waters, environment, belief, belief systems, political, politics, DFM, Mixcloud, Plundercast, program

Originally webcast on July 16th, 2017: This is a new 3-hour collage show / mix / program all about belief systems: how they define us, separate us, guide us and how we might envision a world that goes beyond them. Is it better to know than believe? Or, barring both, to then just wonder? Featuring remixed and excerpted work by Sadhguru, Abraham-Hicks, David Icke, Naomi Klein, Robert Anton Wilson, Bill Gates, Carl Sagan and a treatment/review of the new Roger Waters (of Pink Floyd fame) solo offering: 'Is This the Life We Really Want?' Took about 2.5 weeks to put this together.
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