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NCN - Songs from the Flood Zone
February 26, 2017
Tags: National Cynical Network, rain, water, floods, the rain show

Webcast on February 26th, 2017--Songs inspired by rain and floods and our recent geographically close brush with the rising water in San Jose, recently. A simultaneous sequel to our program 'The Rain Show' and also the latest installment in our 'Elements' series (which included 'The Earth Sleeps Alone and 'Share the Air'). We take a look at the effects of climate change and the universal rising of sea levels in the future and many many songs about rain and flooding in this compilation of water music. Sprinkled throughout the program are excerpts from a high quality copy the 'Best' of Don Joyce's 'The Rain Show' on Over the Edge, which came out a couple hours after coincidentally webcast our 'The Rain Show' in 2014. - 3 hours
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