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NCN on Plundercast - Back into Dreamland
June 04, 2017
Tags: National Cynical Network, dreams, midnight voicejail, reincarnation, dreaming

This is a subject we've explored before, and this foray includes some new NCN material such as a dramatized dream, and rant, from Phineas Narco, clips from 'Dreamland', the 5th episode of Midnight Voicejail, as well as some dream-oriented version medleys, songs about dreams and speculations on reincarnation and lucid dreaming. Also, material about zombies, in the latter half of the program, from Pop Defect Radio ('Day of the Dead 2'). Also found sound material from Negativland, Jim Larrance, Richard Lindsay, Kumquat, Girl Talk, Kleptones, Divide and Kreate, and DJ Earworm sprinkled throughout. Remixes of songs about dreams. 3 hour mix. 128kbps. Originally webcast on 12/04/2011.
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