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NCN on Plundercast - Xmas 2010 (NSFW, complete)
December 25, 2016
Tags: National Cynical Network, Xmas, Christmas, Holidays, mix, comedy, nsfw, plundercast

We wanted to get this out early, so people could play it during the Christmas season. This is the (mostly) new and (in part) NSFW Christmas show by NCN for 2010, complete as it was webcast on 12/19/10. Mostly new pieces, some of which are from the mashup download 'Santastic V - Snow, Man!', some are from Otis Fodder's offering on the WFMU blog, a few are from previous NCN Christmas shows. Includes material and songs from DJ BC, NCN, Jimmy Mitchell, Go Home Productions, Voicedude, DJ Topcat, Corporal Blossom, Cheekyboy, Divide and Kreate, Lionel Vinyl, Mojochronic, King of Pants, Pomplamoose, DJ Flack, DJ Earlybird, A Pluse D, DJ Schmolli, The Ramones, Oscar the Grouch, Rise Against, Ren 'n' Stimpy, 2 Live Jews, Neil Innes, Payroll, Smash-Up Derby, Scooter. Comedy from Norm MacDonald, Patton Oswalt, Bob Rivers, Stan Freburg, and some clips from the documentary 'What Would Jesus Buy?', Phineas Narco singing and music from the Inpatient Music Therapy Program, Univ of Michigan Medical Center, Children's Psychiatric Hospital and Much More. 180 min. 128kbps LAME encoded.
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