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NCN on Plundercast - Words (Complete, Uncut NSFW version)
September 27, 2010
Tags: National Cynical Network, Plundercast, words, language, speech

An overview of the subject of language in song and media, this is the complete uncut (probably NSFW) version of 'Words' put together in the Fall of 2010 and originally webcast on, and on 09/26/10. It explores the world of spoken language and speech, how it has developed, it's origin and nature, and it's uniqueness to human life and identity. Includes music by Subgenius founder Philo Drummond, mashups by DJ M.i.F, The Bran Flakes, The Kleptones, DJ Lobsterdust, Divide and Kreate. Covers by NCN, Big City Orchestra, Phinny singing 'Talk' by Coldplay as well as NCN's Stark County Treasurer Speech spoof as well as songs by Laurie Anderson, Devo, Gadgetto, and many, many others. Blade-encoded 128kbps 3 hour mp3.
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