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NCN on Plundercast - This Week in History (Complete Uncut NSFW Program from 09-12-10)
September 18, 2010
Tags: National Cynical Network, Plundercast, 9/11, 9-11, the war on terror, bush, george w bush

This program - THIS WEEK IN HISTORY - was streamed on Plundercast internet radio as well as DFM out of Amsterdam, September 12th, 2010. It features songs, sound collages, mixes and music all about 9/11 and it's aftermath, The War on Terror. Much of it was originally created during the years of the George W. Bush presidency. It featuers work from The National Cynical Network, Negativland, The Cranial Fishers, with additional material by The Kleptones, Stephen McQuillen, Steinski, Jello Biafra, George Carlin, Peter Gabriel, and others. Ordered playlist is in the ID3 tags as well as artwork. Includes clips from NCN's Midnight Voicejail episode 40, '2001', which was written about in The Metro newspaper when it first was broadcast on KFJC on 9/11/02 as well as clips from the unreleased 'The Orange, The Black and the Red' from 2003, and the Needle in the Red episode 'Bombscare'. Note - NSFW - 180 min. in 128kbps LAME V0 quality encoded.
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