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Needle in the Red - Episode 58 - The RedNarc Phone Show (Part 1 of 2)
August 05, 2010
Tags: National Cynical Network, Negativland, Over the Edge, Ronald Redball, Phineas Narco

Part 1 of 2 of Episode 58 for Needle in the Red is the two-part Narco edit of Negativland's Radio Show 'Over the Edge' as broadcast in March 1994: 'The RedNarc Phone Show'. This program has not heard for years and has been recently re-mastered from Hi-Fi Stereo videotape on which it was recorded off the KPFA studio headphone jack at the time, really putting you IN THE MIX with it's fidelity. Wear headphones for best effect! Features Don Joyce (of Negativland), as well as Phineas Narco and Ronald Redball from the original lineup of The National Cynical Network. Ronald and Don interview phone-phreaker 'Marty Freeman' who tells about the history of telephone hacking in the 1970's including an indirect call from 'Cap'n Crunch'. Also includes phone mixes and 'Blast from the Past' features (dramatizing the origins of Over the Edge) and speculations of the (then) future of the 'Information Superhighway' plus other surprises! See associated links with this podcast archive on the NCN website for information on how to obtain the complete digital download package.
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